Window 11 feature and Release

5 Cool Features in Windows 11

Hello Friends, Microsoft has been launched its new operating system windows 11 on 24 June of 2021, after launch let’s some discuss about it’s top new 5 features and update.

Microsoft Store: 

Microsoft fully updated his store and make more user friendly for user now Microsoft store comes with latest software and movies. This store is providing best class of software at one place which makes it more convenient for user. Movies and tv show lover also like this store best now Microsoft store is fully loaded with movies and TV show, and you can easily connect it with your TV through wireless.

Snap group :

This is one of the cool features for developer and office user because it allows the client to managed the work file by separating them with a column, This feature is also providing external monitor task learning support means it remember your task when your external monitor unplugged. once you connect back monitor it’s start there where it was end.

Android app support :

Now you can easily run your android app in windows 11 with the help of Amazon app center. this feature one of coolest feature in windows 11.

Microsoft Team Integration :

Microsoft integrated Team as default software in windows 11. this feature is available on your task bar. Team software help the people to connect with anyone around the world through Chat, Audio and Video calling facility.

New Keyboard and Graphics user Interface :

Microsoft launch new Keyboard with windows 11. New keyboard is adjustable a per requirement of the user. New keyboard has build emoji feature. The GUI section of Windows desktop id very cool because of centralized key feature allows it serve better experience for user.

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