How to Block Remote Desktop | How to block Pendrive | How to enable Administrative user from CMD | How to disable Administrative user from CMD

Follow the instruction to disable Pendrive  Follow Instruction, Follow the instruction to Disable remote desktop How to Enable and disable Administrative User from CMD  

Secure your Identity with Masked Aadhaar and VID | How to Download Masked Aadhaar Card | How to generate VID from Aadhaar card portal

Dear Friends!!! Welcome to, #JagRukJanta On todays topic we are going to cover how to download Masked Aadhaar and How to Generate VID though Aadhaar Website. Masked Aadhaar is … Read More

How to secure WAN interface in Fortinet Firewall | Most trending security in Fortinet Firewall

Hello Friends Namaste!!!   Today we are going to discuss about how to secure our WAN interface in Fortinet firewall, First Question: Why We need to secure our WAN port … Read More

Get started with Fortigate Firewall

Welcome to “Fortigate Admin Crash Course   Everything in this book is done on a virtual machine, which you can download at   Here you will create a free … Read More

Home Internet Options: The War Between DSL And Cable

If you are still using dial-up, you have probably gotten either the “You don’t use DSL yet?” or the “You don’t use cable yet?” expressions of credulity. So you’ve decided … Read More

History Of The Computer flip-Flops

Flip-Flops – A basic counter We looked at the Binary system, and basic computer logic elements, in previous articles, “It’s a binary world – how computers count” and “How computers … Read More

History Of The Computer in the Emergence Of Electronics

The history of the computer inevitably includes the development of electronics, we look at the explosive (!) growth of electronics in the late 1930s and early 1940s. If anything could … Read More

History Of The Computer Project

In ‘History of the Computer – the emergence of Electronics’, we saw how the development of Radar during the second world war led to an understanding of pulse technology. At … Read More

Guidelines for Inkjet Cartridge refill

There are number of instructions to be followed at the time of refilling an inkjet cartridge. So whenever your printer ink runs dry you need to follow the below steps … Read More

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