Automatic Watch Winder

Automatic Watch Winder

The guide outlines a few critical considerations when a watch owner is considering purchasing a watch winder. Recently, there have been a numbers of lower quality watch winder brands that’s been introduced to the market, claiming their products are “Automatic Watch Winders”.
In closer examination of these lower quality watch winders, many are found to be nothing but a “spinner” instead of a real “automatic watch winder”.
To be categorized as a real automatic watch winder, it should AT LEAST comply with the following criteria:
1. The winder should be fully automated and controlled by an internal IC electronic circuit, not by means of an external timer. All functions including the time period it is to be ON or OFF should be fully automated by the internal circuit;
2. The winder should be programmed with the industry standard “Turn and Rest” program. That is, it should automatically “rest” after turning for a period of time; then, automatically “ON” after their “rest” period. This “Turn and Rest” program is essential so as to enhance the mechanical life of the watch, and to reduce over-stressing the watch;
3. There should be an automatic function to turn ON the unit automatically daily, without any human intervention. Such that a watch can be fully wound up all the times, and is ready to be worn by the owner anytime.
Unfortunately, many watch winder brands have abuse the above classification criteria, and misleadingly calling their products an “automatic watch winder”.
Without the aforementioned functions, a watch winder runs the risk of over-stressing a watch, and to over-stress the moving mechanism of the watch. Thus reducing the watch’s overall useful mechanical life, and would very likely result in having the watch being overhauled sooner than it needs to be.
Thus a watch owner should investigate carefully and thoroughly, before invest in a quality watch winder product. Price is not the only consideration. After all, you have spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a fine timepiece. Why risk harming your watches in buying a low quality watch winder?
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