Best Office desk Plant

Rose Plant in Jute Wrapping with Planter


Rose Plant is known to crave the sun so the terrace is the ideal place for them. Open air with plenty of sunlight creates the best bloom. Make sure that the soil stays moist but never soggy. Keep it in the plastic planter it comes with or repot them as you wish. Comes beautifully wrapped in Jute.

Peace Lily Plant With Self Watering Pot

Peace Lily, botanically known as Spathiphyllum Green, is known for its ability to induce peaceful sleep. It eases the mind by reducing stress levels, eventually resulting in better sleep. The classic combination of green with white makes this plant a great option for home and office decor. For an enthralling appearance, you can place this plant on the center table, kitchen platform, and work desk.

Jade Plant

Care Instructions
Water lightly only after it gets dry depending on conditions.
Water at the base of the plant and not the leaves.
Never overwater.
Place in a bright area, some filtered sunlight is fine.


Grow Together Jade Mini Plant

Jade is considered a lucky plant and has always been in much demand. Its tiny round leaves grow close together and provide a lush foliage. This plant is easy to maintain. Place it at your workstation or near your window, it is sure to add value to its surroundings.

Ficus Bonsai Plant

The Ficus Bonsai, commonly known as the Weeping Fig or Ficus Tree is a beautiful houseplant which is loved by numerous plant parents. It has a unique curved trunk with dark green, oval leaves making it a brilliant centre piece for your living room or side table. Plant them in shallow but wide pots to show if its magnificent stem and roots.


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