Home Internet Options: The War Between DSL And Cable

If you are still using dial-up, you have probably gotten either the “You don’t use DSL yet?” or the “You don’t use cable yet?” expressions of credulity. So you’ve decided … Read More

History Of The Computer flip-Flops

Flip-Flops – A basic counter We looked at the Binary system, and basic computer logic elements, in previous articles, “It’s a binary world – how computers count” and “How computers … Read More

History Of The Computer in the Emergence Of Electronics

The history of the computer inevitably includes the development of electronics, we look at the explosive (!) growth of electronics in the late 1930s and early 1940s. If anything could … Read More

History Of The Computer Project

In ‘History of the Computer – the emergence of Electronics’, we saw how the development of Radar during the second world war led to an understanding of pulse technology. At … Read More

Guidelines for Inkjet Cartridge refill

There are number of instructions to be followed at the time of refilling an inkjet cartridge. So whenever your printer ink runs dry you need to follow the below steps … Read More

Good Reasons To Have A Wireless Network at your office and Home [Cool Tips]

Having a wireless network opens up many possibilities. Wireless networks provide an inexpensive and easy way to share a single Internet connection among several computers. This means you only need … Read More

Good Computer Maintenance – Part Two

In our last part of discussion of good computer maintenance, we will discuss backing up, some free stuff, and cleaning tips. All great bits of advice for proper care of … Read More

Good Computer Maintenance – Part One

Normally we think of maintenance as a chore, something we have to do to keep things running smoothly and prevent problems down the road, whether with our car, house, or … Read More

Going Wireless With Your Headphones

If you’re looking for the latest in wireless headphones for your enjoyment and private listening, whether to TV, stereo, home entertainment such as theater, iTunes or Ipod, you might do … Read More

Getting The Most Out Of A Tablet PC

Are you looking to buy a new laptop computer? With so many laptop models available in the market today, with each sporting many different features, choosing what kind of laptop … Read More

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