Computer Consultant Knowledge: Do You Have to Know Everything?

Computer Consultant Knowledge: Do You Have to Know Everything?

Will you be expected to know anything and everything about anything that could ever go wrong with small-business IT? No.

Do You Need to Be Better at Technical or People Skills?

To be a great computer consultant, you just need to be really well organized and be a friendly person that enjoys helping other people. Yes, you need to be extremely resourceful; but you don’t need to be a technical genius to be a computer consultant.

In a lot of ways, being a technical genius can hold you back. Computer Consulting is very much a people business. But even if you have great tech skills and you’re a little shy when it comes to things like working the room, you can get better at it.

Do You Have the Right Skills?

How does someone know whether they really have the right technical skills or enough skills to become a computer consultant? Don’t let a lack of certifications hold you back. It’s just not that important to the typical non-technical small business owner or non-technical small business manager. Until you start selling to an IT director, which typically you only start to see when you get on to accounts that have at least 40, 50, or 75 PCs.

Small Business Owners Want the Whole Package

The typical small business owner or manager is not shopping for credentials. They are buying you, they are buying your business expertise. They are also buying your solution expertise; your ability that you work with other companies like theirs.

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