Detecting Spy Cams

Detecting Spy Cams

You know that using spy cams can be very useful for surveillance. But if you use spy cams, isn’t it only logical to assume that other people use them too? If you are involved in surveillance, chances are that it is important that you also be involved in counter surveillance. And the best way to detect hidden cameras in your premises is to have a good system to detect hidden cameras and other devices.

One of the best things you can get in detecting spy cams is the ORION. This is also known as the NJE-4000. This device is designed to detect electronic spy devices, even if they are turned off or hardwired. This device can even help you detect spy cams hidden on bodies. Before you use your cell phone or talk about sensitive material, you should perform a sweep of the area in order to make sure that no one uninvited is listening in.

There are other ways to detect spy cams. Many of them give off transmitter frequencies (especially those used by private investigators trying to keep their costs down and amateurs). This means that most bug sweepers designed to detect radio transmission energy will find hidden cameras. However, if the device is hardwired or does not emit radio waves, you will want something more advanced than a regular bug sweeper.

Another way to make sure that spy cams do not infiltrate your residence in the first place is to have your own system of cameras set up. This way you can watch the premises with help from a camera and then you see whether suspicious persons appear to planting devices meant to peek in on you, or even simply listen to what is going on. You can keep an eye on such activity with your own spy cams, and then you can either give them wrong information on purpose, or immediately dispose of the offending surveillance equipment.

Avoid letting your secrets and sensitive information leak out. You can stay one step ahead of would-be spies and investigators. Use bug sweepers and counter surveillance to protect yourself from spy cams.

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