10 Top Tips To Consider When Purchasing A Digital Camera

Disposable Cameras – A Cheap And Cheerful Alternative

Traditionally, cameras were quite expensive and were used only during special occasions, and mostly by males in a family. With the introduction of cheap and lightweight disposable cameras a cultural shift began, where all members of the family were able to take snaps. Because of its rising appeal, many companies like Canon, Nikon and Konica started producing new models. To stay in race, Fuji introduced new advanced features to its model like waterproofing, inclusion of a flash and panoramic photography. Kodak’s one time use camera was based on 110 film while Fuji’s QuickSnap always used 35 mm from the beginning.

The single-use camera or disposable camera resembles like an easy box camera, which is sold with a film roll already installed in it; so that you are ready to use. Usually they use focus free lenses. However, some times disposable cameras are equipped with integrated flash unit. Waterproof versions of disposable cameras are also available in the market for the purpose of under water photography.

Internally disposable cameras equipped with a 135 film or APS cartridge. On the other hand, some disposable cameras are equipped with an actual cartridge to load the film normally. Otherwise, the film is just wound only on open spool. Some of the disposable cameras are recycled, means reinstalled with the film and can be resold. Disposable digital camera is a latest innovation. These types of disposable cameras use digital technology, and cameras work in the same manner as the film cameras. Normally single use camera represents a return of brownie camera from Kodak. They are especially popular at situations where a reusable camera can be damaged or stolen.

If you buy them in wholesale you can buy them at the lowest rates. Look for sales and specials too. A disposable camera without flash can be bought just for $2. Disposable cameras are very cheap so there is waste of time to look for a cheaper one, but you there are some wonderful deals over there. And it is very important to search a good deal when you wish to buy in bulk amount especially packages that are designed for wedding seasons, graduations, and family reunions. On these occasions you can buy a disposable camera at the lowest cost.

Digital Disposable cameras are available in markets, but are controversial due to their expenses of the process particularly compared to general digital camera and due to poor quality images. These are very popular with tourists, and are helpful during under water photography.

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