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Drawbacks Of Technological Advancement

Presently many individuals believe that the world is figuratively shrinking rather quickly on a global scale. The progression of technology towards a greater degree of interconnectedness is, in essence, bringing the world closer together. Large businesses can basically operate much more efficiently and can reach a more extensive market via the present trend towards globalization. This time-space divergence does have a remarkable upside yet it is not without its share of problems. Many argue that the process of globalization brought about by the progression of technology is not truly a “global” process and one can easily observe the inherent disparity.

Small businesses, which lack the capital and consequently the ability to expand rapidly, often suffer and meet their demise at the hands of larger monopolizing companies. While there are businesses in place at the present attempting to alleviate some of the stress placed of these small businesses via loans and the like, it is sometimes not enough. The larger corporations just have the upper hand when it comes to expanding their consumer base and essentially making themselves more marketable. Unfortunately for smaller businesses the ability of these transnational companies to use technology to their favor and capitalize on the degree of interconnectedness that is attainable at the present puts them at an inconvenience and makes it rather difficult for them to succeed.

Many places in the world simply do not have the financial stability with which to implement technological systems to allow for globalization. These developing countries, in many cases, have enough trouble just trying to feed their population and as such experiencing the level of interconnectedness shared amongst developed nations is out of the question. This unfortunate situation increases the gap between these richer and poorer nations and essentially creates this disparity, hence why many argue that globalization really is not a universal concept.

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