features of java

Features of java Part . 11

Features of java

What are the features of Java programming ?

1 :- Object oriented

2 :- Platform Independent

3 :- Secure

4 :- Simple

5 :- Architecture neutral

6 :- Portable

7 :- Robust

8 :- Multithreaded

9 :- Distributed

10 :- Interpreted

11 :- High performance

12 :- Dynamic

1 :- Object oriented :- A Java is object oriented programming language because java follow more oop’s concept as comparison to other programming language. In java programming every thing in an object means without class you can not write single java program.

   Variable is related to object. Method is also relate to object.

2 :- Platform Independent :- A Java is platform independent programming language because java allows its program to perform compilation on one operating system and execution in other operation system. Java is programming language because of JVM.

   Every operating system has its own JVM.

3 :- Secure :- A Java is secure programming language because Java provides us one important component inside jvm called security manager with correctly check the byte code format before Execution.

    Java is very good for web security because java provide us one important service called as JAVA AUTHENTICATION AND AUTHORIZATION SERVICES (JAAS).

   There is no use of pointers.

4 :- Simple :- A Java is simple programming language because, Its syntax is based on c and c++. Java has removed all the confusing concept like pointers, multiple inheritance, Operator overloading.

   Java program takes less memory and less execution time.

5 :- Architecture neutral :- A Java is architecture neutral programming language because java allow its.

   Program to perform compilation on one Hardware system and to run on another Hardware system.

6 :- Portable :- A Java is portable programming language because java can run in any type of operating system and any type of Hardware configuration.

  Java provides fixed memory allocations for the primitive data types irrespective of operating system and any type of Hardware configuration.

   Ex. = int  4byte, double   8byte …many more…

7 :- Robust :- A Java is robust programming language because java has two important mechanism. Automatic memory management = it allocate and DE allocation memory for the objects at run time.

   Exception handling java provides us many good library to represent  and handle almost all the exception which are frequently generated in java application.

8 :- Multithreaded :- A Java support multithreading model. It means more than one program can run at a time.

9 :- Distributed :- A In java we can prepare distributed application (client sever based application) using J2EE module.

   RMI (Remote method Invocation), EJB (Enterprise java Beans) are used to create distributed Application.

   Ex. = web browsers are distributed application.

10 :- Interpreted :- A Java is interpreted programming language because, compilations required to check developers mistake before execution.

   To run java program we need an interpreter inside jvm, so java is interpretive programming language.

11 :- High performance :- A With the use of just in time compilers, java enables high performance.

   Java is High performance programming language because, Byte code is very close to native code.

   Just in time (JIT) compiler is responsible to increase the performance of java program and which is the most important component of jvm. 

12 :- Dynamic :- A Java is dynamic programming language because perform memory allocation for primitive data type at run, not compile time.

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