Garuda Linux: Beauty and the beast

Garuda Linux Installation

Garuda Linux Requirement for installation >

  1. Frist you have to download the Garuda Linux. Click Here

2.Here My Linux System is booted and I am going to live boot it.

3.Here we are starting live boot.

4. This is very easy to install, To install this Linux > Click on Install Garuda Linux after that installation will begin..

5.Now Select Language, Click Next

6. Now Select Location then after select Keyboard after that Click Next.

7. Then Now we have to create Partition so Select Erase Disk > Swap Partition Automatic after that click Next

8. Here Select Name & Password after that click on *Use the same password for Administrator Account.* after that click Next.

9. Then after a Summary popup appear which option you have previously selected then After Click on install.

10. Now Garuda Linux installation Start.

11.Click on Restart then Click on Done.

12. Now system is rebooting.

13. Write Your password for User and click on arrow Button.

14. Now your system is ready to Use.

15. Learn Garuda Linux Over-View Here. Click Here

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