Garuda Linux: Beauty and the beast

Garuda Linux Overview

Today we are going to study about new Linux system Garuda, this is an Indian OS which is beautiful along with it powerful too. As this name shows Garuda witch is the rider of God Vishnu, before this a lot of OS comes but this OS is much better than them. This is optimized for gaming but today we will see, This OS have capability of Ethical Hacking and Penetration testing.

  Garuda Linux is an arch Linux based system; Arch Linux is Simple, Powerful and modern Linux based system.  

Let’s discussed about some good Feature >

  1. Easy Installation: This Linux system is easy to install, This Linux can install by some clicks. Some have very less knowledge about Linux they can also install this Linux System.
  • Beautiful Themes and Editions: In Garuda Linux we gets very policed Image and this makes it much different from others and the blur effect it looks much better. Here we get multiple Shell and its color full effect give it another level of effect, after this there are multiple Themes effects, you can also customize it as per you. Look wise this Linux is too good where we use any edition of this Linux system, it provides you clean and policed Look. In this Linux you can get multiple desktop Environments available on internet you can download that desktop environment and install it on your system, which is designed in very beautiful way. You will get here > KDE, Plasma, Except CE, Nome, Alex, QT like much More Desktop environments Available Here.
  • BTRFS as The Default File-system with ZSTD Compression:  Here you get BTREFS system on it which is mostly unseen on most of the Linux System. On another Linux systems have manual installation but On Garuda this system is pre-installed. This file-system have multiple benefit Like: Data Corruption, Snapshot with the help of it, you can access the latest 5 snapshot direct to your system.
  • Garuda Gaming: Garuda Linux is optimized for gaming, here you get separate panel for gaming known as Garuda Gamer, Here you get maximum tool and Emulator collection for gaming and you can play multiple games on it. If you are gamer them Linux System you are going Love it. Here you get an image for gaming which is optimized for gaming.
  • Garuda Setting Manager: Here you can manage different type of settings on very easy way. With the help of it you can access the admin setting on very easy way. You can manage the different of settings on click like: refresh the mirror list, Install the Apps, Remove the logs and Update the system, packaged cache cleared. Here you get the entire shortcut to operate the OS. Also Inside the system you will get: Partition boot manager, Garuda Boot Option, Quick Access, Time Shift tools all of these tools makes you happy in time to time. This makes your work Easy.

Let’s discuss about Penetration testing and Ethical Hacking on Garuda Linux:

So the good news is: You can use it as penetration testing and ethical hacking, here you get the entire tool which is used in Ethical Hacking, Wi-Fi and web penetration testing, you can easily install these tools on Garuda Linux and convert it on penetration testing machine. Packman Package-manager tools allow you to install the application in CLI and GUI mode and also Update or remove them. You can search the tool with the help of it. Here you get multiple tools witch used in Penetration testing, Hacking, Cracking, and Forensic. Like: Metasploit, Wireshark, WPscan, Air-Cran NG, Hydra, Medusa, Jhon all of these tool are easy to install. Also you can install these application using CLI Mode and remove or update them. If you are not getting any tool which is used in testing then you can update the Black Arch Repository then after you can install it.

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