garuda linux

Garuda Linux

Garuda Linux Requirement for installation >
Frist you have to download the Garuda Linux. Click Here
Today we are going to study about new Linux system Garuda, this is an Indian OS which is beautiful along with it powerful too. As this name shows Garuda witch is the rider of God Vishnu, before this a lot of OS comes but this OS is much better than them. This is optimized for gaming but today we will see, This OS have capability of Ethical Hacking and Penetration testing.
  Garuda Linux is an arch Linux based system; Arch Linux is Simple, Powerful and modern Linux based system.  
Let’s discussed about some good Feature >
Easy Installation: This Linux system is easy to install……MORE
Now a day people have been  hacked by using some easy method but they have to understand what and why they hacked, there are one of the easiest way of hacking to get your internet history, because this is one of the most easy method to understand your behavior that what you mostly search where do you want to go, these information is very important for any company to sell their things to you, like if you are searching online, regarding some clothes then you mostly see that’s when you are going any website there are some adds are running on it but those adds are must be related to your last search history regarding Clothes……MORE

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