How Network automation helping people to simplify their network

Network automation can help people simplify their networks by automating repetitive tasks and reducing human error. Here are a few examples of how network automation can help simplify networks:

  1. Configuration management:

    Automated tools can be used to manage the configuration of network devices, such as routers and switches. This can help ensure that devices are configured consistently and that changes are tracked and audited.
  2. Provisioning:

    Network automation tools can be used to provision new devices and services, such as VLANs or VPN connections. This can help streamline the process of adding new devices or services to the network.
  3. Monitoring and troubleshooting:

    Automated tools can be used to monitor the health of the network and identify potential issues. For example, an automated tool might send an alert if a device goes down or if a particular network link becomes congested.
  4. Automating repetitive tasks:

    Automating repetitive tasks such as backups, software updates, security checks can save time and reduce the chance of human errors.
  5. Network orchestration:

    Network orchestration allows administrators to manage multiple network devices using a single platform that automates the creation, configuration and management of network resources. This can help improve network scalability and reduce management complexity.


Overall, network automation can help simplify networks by automating tasks, reducing errors, and providing better visibility into the network’s health and performance.

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