How to change MAC address in android

how to change mac address in android

Want to know how to change your android MAC address and What MAC spoofing?

You might not think about it but there’s a serious legacy of back-end technology that allows your phone computer smart speakers and so much more to communicate with each other?

one of those key pieces is your MAC address a unique 12 character identifier given to any device that connects to wi-fi making it possible to be identified when connected to either the internet or a local network.

Of course with data brings as easily traceable and accessible as it is, these days you might want to change your android phone’s MAC address if you’re worries your home network was vulnerable at some point in the past.

The MAC address of your device can be easily searched if some has gained access to your network either at home or on a public hotspot you had connected to so ensuring that your devices mac address is secure, is incredibly important. Changing MAC address of any device is called MAC spoofing.

So Lets Discuss about MAC Address that What is MAC address and How can you get it on your Android Phone?

MAC Address Specification

  • MAC address is 12 character address and It’s contains 6 outlets.
  • MAC address is 48 bit address
  • MAC address is a Unique I’D for each device Like: your Mobile number
  • MAC address has 2 part;
    • Organizationally Unique Identifier

      First, three octets (group of eight bits) are Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI).
    • Network Interface Controller Specific

       The last three pairs of digits are the number specific to the device, which is known as Network Interface Controller (NIC) specific.

How to get my android MAC address

  • Go to Setting..
  • Then go to About Phone.
  • There is a option called Device Wi-Fi MAC address there your MAC address will be listed.
MAC Address Of the device

How to change MAC address in android?

  • In order to change your phone’s MAC address you will need to have root access. Routing a phone is a fairly complicated process and differs depending on the phone! you Have!

If you want to check your phone’s root status you can download the free Root checker app from Google Play Store.

Root Checker Application

Then run the app and tap on the verify root button this will display your device’s root status an whether or not root access on your device.

Android Access Button

Once rooted you will need to, turn to “busybox“, A route only app that makes it super easy to control specific parts of your phone download the “busybox” app from play store and follow the in-app setup guide to get busybox up and running,

BusyBox Application

To change your mac MAC address you will also need terminal so make sure that must install on your phone. Download the Terminal Emulator for Android from play store.

Terminal emulator for Android

Now if you have any experience using terminal commands on a pc you will feel right at home opening terminal window then type “su” and hit enter;

SU on terminal

Grant the app Root access

root access on terminal

Next enter “busybox iplink show —” network with network being replaced by the name of your network interface hit enter and you will be able to view your curent MAC address.

# busybox iplink show wlan0
Busybox command on android terminal

Finally it’s time for the big command type

formula for changing MAC address: "busybox ifconfig (network Card I'd) hw ether (followed by your new mac address in the standard format)
ie: #busybox ifconig wlan0 hw ether 30:5a:3a:9a:e6:f0
MAC changing command to busybox

Now it’s important that you keep the first three sequences in your MAC address the same since it refers to your phone’s hardware the final three sequences however are up for you to change if you need help this MAC address generator allows you to import the first three codes as a prefix while generating the initial three codes as a random MAC address for your phone. MAC address generator

Finally you can use the same “iplink command” from earlier to confirm your new MAC address.

Command: # busybox iplink show wlan0
Difference MAC address change to new

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