How to configure User based policy in fortigate firewall

How to configure User based policy in fortigate firewall

Hi guys welcome to website today we are going to dissguss about How to configure User based policy in fortigate firewall, This policy allow the network admin to allow the internet for some specipic user who can access the internet after login firewall, so lets get in to it…

  • Login your Fortigate firewall
  • This is my Interface settings
Fortinet firewall Interface Image
  • Now go to user > User Group > Create new
  • Now Provide the name for your Group then click Ok.
  • Now Click on User> User> User > Click on Create new
  • Now provide the user and Password to the User after that click on “Add this User to groups” then click ok.
  •  Now go to Policy > Policy > Create new after that Follow these steps

. Source Interface > your Lan Interface

. Source Address > All

.  Destination Interface : WAN Interface

. Destination Address : Any

. Action : Accept (To allow this policy)

. Click on Log allow Traffic

. Click on Enable NAT

. Here is the main point > Click on “Use Identity Based Access”

. Certificate: Self-Singed

  • Click on Add after that a popup window will appear

. User Group: Open-Access-user

. Service : Any

. Schedule: always

. Click on Log allowed traffic

. Click Ok

  • Then after final click on Ok in Policy

Your policy is been created, you can check it through your physical device.

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