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How to secure mobile with Quick heal Antivirus [Protect your privacy]

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If you want to secure your phone then you have to use quick heal antivirus, this antivirus is one of the most important antivirus to secure mobile phone.

actually this is a paid service for mobile but you can use it for free, because some function of this security is absolutely free for every one.

How to use Quick heal Antivirus..

  1. first go to play store there you have to search for quick heal antivirus and install it.
Quick Heal
Quick Heal

2. after installing, click on open

Quick Heal
Quick Heal

3. after that you will find a button for scan, click on scan this will allow you to scan your device and help you, to identify the problem, if there is any.

Quick Heal
Quick Heal

it has many of security feature we will discuss all of them one by one on upcoming post.

  1. Full scan
  2. phone Boost
  3. App Lock
  4. Anti-Theft
  5. Safepe
  6. Parental Control
  7. Data Breach Alert
  8. Intruder
  9. Web Security
  10. Pocket Alarm
  11. Motion Alarm
  12. Wi-Fi Security
  13. Privacy Advisor
  14. Security Advisor
  15. Secure Delete
  16. Safe Charging
  17. Battery Saver

Quick Heal for Mobile Purchase Link:

  1. https://www.quickheal.co.in/   Product Pricing : 199/ Rs

2. https://weindiansbazaar.com/product/1-device-1-year-quick-heal-mobile-security-for-android__trashed/       Product Pricing : 109/ Rs

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