Fortinet WAN Interface Security

How to secure WAN interface in Fortinet Firewall | Most trending security in Fortinet Firewall

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Today we are going to discuss about how to secure our WAN interface in Fortinet firewall,

First Question: Why We need to secure our WAN port in Firewall

Answer: Because It help us to secure our firewall form unauthorized access from Hackers or someone who just want to gain the access of the firewall without our acknowledgement in company environment through WEB and SSH way.

So let’s start.


 1. Frist Login your Fortinet firewall through GUI mode

2. Then go to Interface and select you WAN interface there you will find a column. With name of Administrative Access, On that you have to select HTTPS, SSH and Ping, Like Given Image and save the configuration.

WAN port Configuration



3. There after go to System then Setting option there you will get one more column with the name of Administration Settings.

Deselect the Redirect to HTTPS.

What’s the meaning of Redirect to HTTPS: This option allows you that once you enter your WAN IP in Browser it automatically redirect to HTTPS mode.

Which we don’t want as a network Administrator.

4. After that on the HTTPS Port there will a port Number 443 written on it, instead of using 443 use any custom port Like given image.

5. Then go to SSH port on that column a port 22 is written on it, same we have to use any other port instead of using default one as I am using 61618, you can use any other port.


System Setting Configuration Page

Question: How many networks port do we have?

Answer: Total port: start from 0 goes up to: 65535

Now If you want to access your firewall on web browser write it on this way:

https:// <your WAN IP> : <your Port Number>

if you want to access your firewall with SSH connection write it on this way:

Your WAN IP and your port number as given in image



SSH Connection


Please watch video for more clarifications:



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