Work of cookies in Hacking

Now a day people have been  hacked by using some easy method but they have to understand what and why they hacked, there are one of the easiest way of hacking to get your internet history, because this is one of the most easy method to understand your behavior that what you mostly search where do you want to go, these information is very important for any company to sell their things to you, like if you are searching online, regarding some clothes then you mostly see that’s when you are going any website there are some adds are running on it but those adds are must be related to your last search history regarding Clothes.

Here work your Internet history like: your internet cookies

What are the internet cookies? Now this is the most common question for any one….

Let me tell you what it is….

Internet cookies save on your internet browser like: Google chrome, Firefox, system browser

These cookies saved our all the information like: what are you searching, which is the most common page you visit, this is active each time on your browser.

And this information every online website wants to get from you because this gives them an advantage to earn some money from you like: Company sell your information to another company

For Example: Let’s take the your previous Example > once you searched for online clothes that company takes that information from you and share this information to any online company which are selling this type of things Like. Amazon, Flipkart, Mintra, tatacliq etc.

Now a new question comes in your mind how did another company know that this information regarding to you …..  So here work your internet platform means your internet provider, How did they work.

One of the easy methods to understand: Like everyone known by their name, same method is used by these sites. our Internet  provider provide us an address when you are searching Internet that address called as Internet Protocol in short we says it IP address.  Internet provider like: Jio, Airtel, Vodafone.

Conclusion:  If you want to stop sharing your information with any website then we have to use your browser in Incognito mode this is also known as private mode.

To enable incognito mode go to menu and select Incognito Mode or Private mode otherwise use shortcut key > Ctrl+Shift+N  <in any browser.

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