Important Rules In Java

Important Rules In Java Part . 2

Important Rules In Java

1 – Class Name :- 1st  letter should be capital letter.

 2 – Method Name or Function Name  1st  letter should be small letter.

       E.x :-  print(),  weindians(), …………

       But if a method name contain two word combination ,then 2nd  word , 1st  letter should be capital letter.

       This naming convertion is called as camel case.

        E.x :- nextInt() , nextDouble(),……….

 4 – Package Name :- 1st  letter should be small.

 5 – All keywords :- should be small letter.

Java Programming Structure

Header file            :           Packages

Main function      :          Class

Blocks                    :          {}

Statements          :           system.ot.println(“ ”);

Java Programming Structure

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