Indian Economy 2021

Indian Economy is one of the top growing economy in the world. As per the International Monetary fund, India 5th largest Economy in Nominal GDP and 3 largest economy in purchasing power parity. India 142 ranked in Nominal GDP and 124 ranked in Purchasing Power Parity.

GDP per capital Rank: 142nd (Nominal, 2019), 124 (Purchasing power Parity)
GDP rank: 6th(Nominal, 2020), 3rd (PPP, 2020)
Indian Financial Year: 1 April – 31 March
GDP: $2.6 Trillion Doller in Nominal, $8.7 Trillion Doller in PPP

Indian Economy is running very slow till time because of government decision Like:
1. Demonetization
2. GDP

1. Demonetization: Demonetization is one of biggest failure of the government because it take Indian GDP in downward there after economy want to revive and new decision taken by the government :
2. GDP : which puts the economy to surpass the failure of last 11 years.

Do you know Indian economy have increased 8.2% in nominal GDP in 2016 and this was the biggest success then after it continue going Downward like: 2017 it was 7.4, 2018 it was 6.12 and 2019 it was 4.12.

Lets talk about India Economy future Like: what and where we stand in future:
As per CEBR reports:

The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) said that it now expected the India will be the 3th biggest economy in the world by 2030.

CEBR report said that India will have to boost spending on infrastructure in future. “The infrastructure bottlenecks that exist in India mean that investment in this area has the potential to unlock significant productivity gains. Therefore, the outlook for the economy forgoing forward will be closely related to the government’s approach to infrastructure spending.” Relate Link:

Like: Western Dedicated feed corridor, Eastern Dedicated feed Corridor, Delhi Mumbai industrial Corridor

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