java introduction



1 – Java is programming language.

2 – It is advance version of C++.

3 – Java is developed by “ James Gosling ” in 1995 at Sunmicro system.

4 – Java ‘s old name was OAK.

5 – Now java is take over by oracle.

6 – Java is High Level Programming language.

7 – Java is statically typed Programming language because we have to declare datatype at the time program creation like C and C++.

8 – Python is Dynamically typed Programming language.

9 – Java is Object Oriented Programming language.

10 – Using java we can develop any kind of Application such as Software :

(Desktop Application, Web Application, Mobile Application, Embedded based Application and many more…. )

 11 –  Java is case sensitive Programming language like C and C++.

 12 – The extention of java program is .java .

 13 – Every Programming language have is own compiler.

 14 – The name of java compiler is javac.

15 – Java is a case sensitive Programming language language.

 16 – Java is statically type Programming language why we can store the datatype we can create memory.

Simple hello world program in java

Import java.lang.*;

Class Test


   public static void main(string[]ar)


    System.out.println(“ WEINDIANS.IN “);



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