Is my PC capable to install windows 11 ?

Windows 11 has been launched on 24 of June in 2021, after it’s release user is much more quarries to know, Is my PC capable to install windows 11 or can I upgrade my PC in Windows 11?
So these are the basic question which people are talking about. so this article will help to understand how to check your PC capabilities for windows 11.

How to update my PC in Windows 11 ?

  1. To check your PC you need to download Windows PC Health Check Setup . This software is provided by Microsoft to check your PC Capability.

2. After Downloading the software you have to install it. for Installation you just have to double click on downloaded file and click next and finish. in this process you have installed this software.

3. After installation complete you have to run this software. click on start button and click on [PC Health Check].

4. After that a new windows appear like listed bellow. In this window it is showing your system configuration Like: RAM, Hard Disk Drive, Processor, PC Name etc.
you can easily rename your system Name by clicking on Rename Your PC.to check your System Capabilities click on check now.

5.After doing some process it will show a popup windows [like this]. this will describe you that your PC is capable for windows 11 update or Installation. to understand more about click on Learn More button.

6. Clicking on learn more button, it will redirect you on your default browser and describe you that when the Windows 11 update or ISO file available, you can easily download or update your PC.

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To learn more about windows 11 you can click on this Link: 5 Cool update in windows 11, Windows 11 full summary

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