kali linux new update 2021.1 Overview

Kali Linux new update 2021.1 Overview

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      A new update 2021.1 has been release in kali Linux with weindians.in overview panel. Although in this release not any major is been done but there are some update which must you like to know, So let’s get into it,

  1. Xfce & KDE Updates
  2. KDE Plasma improvement
  3. Terminal Tweaks
  4. Command Not Found
  5. Kali Tools
  6. Update in Kali Linux website
  1. Xfce & KDE Updates: In this update, Kali Linux has updated his default desktop Xfce environment, the new version 4.6, In this update you will see new desktop environment Like: Icon Update, power management, Service manager update etc.
  2. KDE Plasma improvement: In same way KDE plasma 5.2.0, have been done new improvement Like: Look and Feel, Task manager, System Tray, On-Screen Display, Notifications and system setting etc.
  3. Terminal Tweaks: In this new Kali you will see different types of Terminal Update like: Xfce Default Terminal, T-Mugs, Q-Terminal, and Meta Terminal. Now you will get all terminals in one Place, You can use this in different ways. Previously you will get in different DE or you install it on external sources but now few of them get in default and some on them easily installable from its repo which is very much useful, I like this update, piously you need to install these terminal from external sources, In all of these terminal T-mux is very much useful.
  4. Command Not Found: This for the beginner which is very much useful for them. Some time you initiate any command if that tool is not install on your system it shows you command not found error, But now in this new update you will get the solution that how can you solve this command not found error.
  5. Kali Tools: Now Kali Linux has been gets partnership with new tool Author BLSecurites, Means you will get new support in kali which makes it much more advance and increase the security level. New Tools Like: Airgeddon, AirDNS, Arjun, Chisel, DNS Gen, Dumpster Drive, GetAllUrls, Gitleaks, HTTProb, MassDNS, PSKracker, WordPress etc.
  6. Update in Kali Linux website: Now kali has updated his website. Now Kali Linux is available for MAC book devices you can easily down load it from its website. Now you will get new wallpaper in this new Kali Linux 2021.1 Release.

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