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Keywords/Reserved word in java Part . 7

Keywords/Reserved word in java

Keyword are the predefined word, It has some functionality (working) & its functionality (working) is register with jvm.

Total Reserved Keywords in java

48 keyword Related to………… 

1 – Datatypes/return types :-


2 – Access modifiers/security Related  :-


3 – Flow controlling Related keywords  :-


4 – Class Related keywords  :-        


5 – Object Related keywords :-


6 – Exception handling related keywords :-


Reserved words is also predefined word but it does not have any valid functionality and its functionality is not register with jvm.

Ex. :- const,goto (used in C++)but not used in java.

In java instead of “const” word we can use final keyword.

In java instead of “goto” word we can use break,continue,return keyword.

Note :-

All the reserved word can’t be keywords.

Total Reserved word (53) but

Keywords  ….50….   used keywords— 48—–unused keywords—-2(goto,const)

Reserved literals —– true,false,null                 These are not a keywords.

All keywords are in small letters.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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