Window 11 feature and Release

Microsoft Window 11 with a new design, Start menu, Features and more

Microsoft is Unveiling Windows 11 today. You’ll see a new design with rounded corners, a big selection of new widgets, multi-tasking features with a supercharged as well as touch-friendly features, including gestures. Plus, Microsoft Teams is coming to Windows 11 with direct integration. 

   Windows 11 has been announced at Microsoft’s launch event, which includes a bold new design and lots of new features. 

  Windows 11 includes a new Start menu, as well a bunch of new features designed to help productivity. These include a Snap Layouts feature for running multiple apps at the same time with a layout you choose. 

Microsoft is also introducing Snap layouts to help users with multi-tasking on Windows 11. The new generation of Windows will also be more touch friendly, according to the presentation. Teams integration is coming directly to Windows 11. Users will be able to call anyone, video call anyone; it will not matter if the other user is on a different device, even a Mac.

window 11
window 11

Microsoft’s Windows 11 Launch Live Updates: Android apps coming to Windows 11 as well

window 11

Microsoft has also renewed its focus on apps with the new application store. The new OS also brings better compatibility with widgets. The OS also gets system-wide dark and light modes.

The new app store on Windows 11 will also support Android Apps through Amazon App Store. Users will be able to use the apps in a smartphone format similar to picture-in-picture mode with a new feature called snap layouts. The new feature will allow the OS to remember the shapes that the app was set in the last time it was used. The snap layout feature is an updated version of various split-screen options available on Windows 10.

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