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Secure your Identity with Masked Aadhaar and VID | How to Download Masked Aadhaar Card | How to generate VID from Aadhaar card portal

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On todays topic we are going to cover how to download Masked Aadhaar and How to Generate VID though Aadhaar Website.

Masked Aadhaar is valid Every where in India with the help of masked Aadhaar we can secure to share our real Identity without sharing the 12 digit Aadhaar Number. Like: As a Hotel identity or any where else either we can submit out 16 Digit VID on Online portal during submission of form.

Let’s start leaning….

  1. Frist go to Aadhaar Website or click here :
  2. Then click on login. Like:- Given Image
Login screen of Adhar
3.  After that input your Aadhaar Number then write the captcha code as per given image then you will received an OTP on your registered mobile number, Write that opt on the OTP column, Now click on Login As per below Image.


4. Click on Download Aadhaar as per given Image

Download Adhar Image

5. You will get this

Frist Image Adhar During Downloading Masked Adhar


6. Then click on the marked Bracket then Click on Download. written on : Do you want Masked Aadhaar Card? 

7. After clicking on Download a file will be downloaded automatically but file will be secure will a password. To know your password a instruction given on Aadhaar portal like this .

For Example: if your name is ROHAN and DOB is 01/01/1990 then your password will be: ROHA1990

Adhar Password Hint for masked Adhar

8. Your Aadhaar will look Like This

Adhar Example

9. VID Automatically generated during downloading the masked Aadhaar card.

10. But if your VID ( Virtual Identity) is not showing on Aadhaar then you can generate it from Aadhar website, To do that login your Aadhar Portal from Aadhaar Website or Click Here:

11. Then Follow the Step Number 1, 2, 3 in the same article.

12. Then Click on Generate Virtual ID Like: given Image.

Generate Virtual ID from Adhar Portal

13. After that on New window Select on Generate virtual ID then Click Next. Like Given Image

14. Your Virtual ID will be displayed on new window. Like Given Image

VID Generated from Adhar Card Portal

This is how you can generate you Masked Aadhar Card and VID from Aadhaar card Portal.

# Bonus Note: You can also order the Plastic Aadhaar Card from the same login screen this will cost you around 50 Rupees, and Indian Post will delivered it for you at your registered home address as per your Aadhaar card.

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