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Structure of C Programming

Structure of C Programming

1 :- Each program begins with preprocessor directives that serve to provide information about functions from standard libraries and definitions of necessary program constants.

2 :- Every C program consists of one or more functions. Function is a self contained block of program which performs some kind of task.

3 :- Every C program begins with main() function. Every function has a return value.

4 :- For Example, consider the following program which gives summation of x and y as z.


#include<stdio.                                                      /*Preprocessor Directive*/

int sum(int,int); /*Function prototype for sum()*/

int a,b,c; /*Global Variables*/

float d; /*Global Variable*/

int main() /*main() function with return type*/


int x, y; /*Local variables to main()*/

int z;

char ch;

z=sum(x,y); /*Function call*/


int sum (int x1, int y1) /*Definition of function sum()*/


return(); /*return value of function sum*/


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