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Top 5 IT solution from ZOHO Corporation

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lets discuss, we have get the news that ZOHO corporation revenue has reached 1 billion dollar yearly, so I have decided to provide you some information related to Zoho Software, as I an using some of the software which help you in your IT infra.


  1. Password Manager Pro
  2. Mobile Device Management
  3. Endpoint Central
  4. Virtual Machine Monitoring
  5.   Zoho Assist

1.Password Manager Pro:

It help you to protect your Password of server, It can be installed in your Linux or windows server, With the help of PMP, IT admin can share the server without sharing the Server password. Working Behavior.

a. All passwords are stored in a centralized encrypted repository and locked with a master password

b. Access to passwords is controlled based on job roles and responsibilities.

c. Weak and reused passwords are randomized, and changed periodically with the help of a password generator and organization-wide password policy.

d. Users are empowered to share passwords securely with different levels of access permissions.

e. Administrators get a clear picture of who accessed which password and when with round the clock with audit trails.

f. Administrators can also forcefully acquire the enterprise passwords from employees when they are leaving the company on bad terms.

2. Mobile Device Management:

Complete mobile device management.

Oversee and control corporate and employee-owned devices on your network. Efficiently manage all iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices from procurement to retirement.

Instant and automated enrollment.

Enroll your organization’s fleet of devices with platform-specific enrollment practices including Apple DEP, Samsung KNOX, and Android NFC.

Enforce maximum mobile security.

Maximize security with device authentication, strong passcodes, and containerization of BYOD data. Protect devices and corporate data with remote device lock, full or selective data wipe, and Geo-tracking of lost assets.

Manage app life cycles.

Control the life cycle of corporate apps from deployment to retirement. Push business apps to devices silently, manage volume licensing, and black list apps that aren’t enterprise-approved.

Securely access emails.

Access corporate emails safely by collaborating with email platforms such as Office 365 and Exchange ActiveSync. Enhance security with content encryption and control mail data access by other apps.

Regularly audit devices and apps.

Generate detailed reports on all mobile assets and their app inventories. Routinely check for compliance status and report lost, jail-broken, or rooted devices.

3. Endpoint Central:

Endpoint Central is a client server model which manages all the endpoints in an enterprise from a centralized location.

4. Virtual Machine Monitoring:

This tool help you to monitor all the server, IP, and endpoint by send sending ICMP packet, and sharing you status via mail and notification.

5. Zoho Assist :

On-demand remote support

Troubleshoot a remote computer through ad-hoc or on-demand remote sessions, with no prior installation. Invitees can also join a session through email invites.

Unattended remote access

Set up unattended remote access for computers, both inside and outside LAN. Mass deployment options are also available. Assist supports both Windows and Mac.

File transfer

File transfer during a live session will help you send updates, patches, or any type of file to remote computers. Transfer is completely secure, with SSL 256-bit AES encryption.

Live multi-monitor support

Simultaneously view and navigate any number of monitors connected to the remote computer during a remote support session. You can also arrange monitors in predefined configurations based on your preference.

Reboot and reconnect

The remote assistance tool allows technicians to reboot any remote desktop with a single click and reconnect to the session without losing control.

Rebranding and custom domains

Customize your Zoho Assist portal with your company logo, favicon, and email templates to match your company’s branding guidelines. Customize your portal URL with custom domain mapping to carry your branding forward even further.

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