Updating failed. Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

Updating failed. Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

Hi Visitor,

I am believing that you have visited this page because you are getting such type of error during updating post and getting error when you are visiting google site kit plugin dashboard, due this you are not able to manage your Bing webmaster plugin.

Step 1: To solve this type of error you have to clear the cache from the admin portal 

Json error on wordpress

Step 2: Just resave your .htaccess on your WordPress file manager, on the public folder

jSON .htaceess file error


Step 3: download the classic editor plugin on your WordPress site.

Classic Editor

Step 4: after following all of the steps just refresh the website and WordPress file manager folder and wait till 1 to 5 hrs. to reflect the thing on your WordPress site. 

After some time your json file error will be automatically removed from your website, don’t rush, just take it easy, thing will start working again.

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