Answer: Use " Get System Status" command It will provide you the full system report Like: version, Update, License status etc. Command: get system Status

Question 1. How to check system status in Fortinet firewall?

Question 2.  How to check the full configuration of Fortinet firewall?

Answer: Use " Show" Command to check the full configuration of the firewall. Command: Show

Question 3. How to ping any interface or device from Fortinet firewall?

Answer:  Use "execute ping <Host IP or Domain name> " command will help you to ping any host or port. Command: execute ping

Question 4.  How to get concurrent session list in Fortinet?

Answer:  Use " get system session list" command, This command will provide you, concurrent session in Fortinet. Command: get system session list

Question 5: How to get DHCP list in Fortinet?

Answer: Use " Execute DHCP Lease list" command, this command help you to provide DHCP lease list in Fortinet. Command:  execute dhcp lease list

Question 6: How to clear DHCP Lease in Fortinet?

Answer: use " Execute DHCP Lease clear all" this command help to clear all DHCP lease list. Command: execute dhcp lease list all

Question 7: What is best command diagnose any issue in Fortinet?

Answer: "Diagnose sniffer packet"  command help you short out any issue in Fortinet. Command: diagnose sniffer packet <interface> <filter> <verbose> <count> <Timestamp format> Use: diagnose sniffer packet port1 'tcp port 443' 3

Question 8: How to get backup of Fortinet firewall through command?

Answer: "execute backup config tftp <Click tab button > <tftp server ip>"  this command will help you backup of your Fortinet firewall through CLI. Command: execute backup config tftp <Click tab button > <tftp server ip> Use: execute backup config tftp back120422,cfg

7 Magic Command Quick View Fortinet Firewall

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