Some time we observe our device is misbehaving then a question occurs is there any virus in our devices  Check if you have logged out in your device sign in again your google account as it protect you from malware.

Step 1. Enable your google play protect from Google play store a. open google play store b. Click on your profile on top right corner c. go to Play Protect > then Settings. d. Enable "Scan Apps with play Protect" Option

Step 2. check if any Update available on "Android device & security updates"  a. open your device settings b. Go to Systen  >  then System update  Check for Update

Step 3. Check for Security update and Google play system Update  a. Open device settings b. Click on security or search for "Security" in search Tab There you will find mutiple option First check for "Security update" Secount check for "Google Play system update"

Step 4. Remove unwanted and untrusted apps a. open settings b. go to "Apps & notification" > "then "See all apps". c. Remove all the unwanted and untrusted apps.

Step 5. go for Security checkup from google a. on your device.  b. Open Chrome. c. go to d. If any security issue found then follow the setps as google suggest.

Step 6. If still realize there is some issue going on  a. Back-up your device data. b. reset your device as Foctory settings.

Quick View Android Security

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