What is Azure API Gateway?

Azure API Gateway is a fully managed service offered by Microsoft Azure for creating, deploying, and managing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for modern applications. It provides a way for developers to create, manage and share secure and scalable APIs, which can be consumed by a variety of clients including web and mobile applications.

Some of the key features of Azure API Gateway include:

  • Endpoint management: Enables developers to define and manage multiple endpoints for their APIs, such as HTTP and HTTPS, and route requests to the appropriate backend.
  • Security: Supports various security mechanisms such as authentication, authorization, and encryption, to secure your APIs and protect sensitive data.
  • Traffic management: Supports traffic management features such as rate limiting, caching, and request/response transformation, to optimize the performance of your APIs.
  • Monitoring and analytics: Provides real-time monitoring, logging, and analytics capabilities to help you understand the usage and performance of your APIs.
  • DevOps integration: Integrates with Azure DevOps and other CI/CD tools, enabling developers to automate the deployment and management of APIs in a continuous delivery pipeline.

Azure API Gateway is a flexible and scalable solution that helps organizations create, manage, and expose APIs for their modern applications, providing a secure and scalable way for developers to share their data and services with the rest of the world.

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