What is DHCP Server

What is DHCP

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 Today we are going to discuss about what is DHCP Server with weindians.in, before that we have to understand about DHCP and how it work.

DHCP: The full from of DHCP is Dynamic Host configuration protocol which is provides automatic an IP from its IP rang to its connected client or we can also say that DHCP provide Automatic IP to its Client.

Now Point is How DHCP works, DHCP use DORE process to provide IP to its client.

DORA Process: Dore process define how a DHCP client get a IP from DHCP

D- Discover

O- Offer

R- Request

A– Assign/Acknowledgement

What is DHCP

DDiscover > The DHCP client broadcasts a DHCPDISCOVER message on the network subnet using the destination address (limited broadcast) or the specific subnet broadcast address (directed broadcast). A DHCP client may also request its last known IP address.

OOffer > When a DHCP server receives a DHCPDISCOVER message from a client, which is an IP address lease request, the DHCP server reserves an IP address for the client and makes a lease offer by sending a DHCPOFFER message to the client.

R- Request > In response to the DHCP offer, the client replies with a DHCPREQUEST message, broadcast to the server, requesting the offered address. A client can receive DHCP offers from multiple servers, but it will accept only one DHCP offer. The client will produce a gratuitous ARP in order to find if there is any other host present in the network with same IP address.

A– Assign/Acknowledgement > When the DHCP server receives the DHCPREQUEST message from the client, the configuration process enters its final phase. The acknowledgement phase involves sending a DHCPACK packet to the client.

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