How to Block Remote Desktop | How to block Pendrive | How to enable Administrative user from CMD | How to disable Administrative user from CMD

Follow the instruction to disable Pendrive  Follow Instruction, Follow the instruction to Disable remote desktop How to Enable and disable Administrative User from CMD  

Secure your Identity with Masked Aadhaar and VID | How to Download Masked Aadhaar Card | How to generate VID from Aadhaar card portal

Dear Friends!!! Welcome to, #JagRukJanta On todays topic we are going to cover how to download Masked Aadhaar and How to Generate VID though Aadhaar Website. Masked Aadhaar is … Read More

How to secure WAN interface in Fortinet Firewall | Most trending security in Fortinet Firewall

Hello Friends Namaste!!!   Today we are going to discuss about how to secure our WAN interface in Fortinet firewall, First Question: Why We need to secure our WAN port … Read More

Chinese Gambling Games: Casino Games with Chinese Origins

Here you can read about some of the most popular casino games and gambling games that were imported to the US from China.

Checklist On How To Revive A Dead Computer

Its not something we like to think about but your computer will fail, if you keep it long enough.It may be a simple problem,such as the floppy drive not reading the disk to a major system crash.Take a look at the checklist on steps you should follow to bring any dead computer back to life.

Get started with Fortigate Firewall

Welcome to “Fortigate Admin Crash Course   Everything in this book is done on a virtual machine, which you can download at   Here you will create a free … Read More

Digital Cameras – Quality Vs. Size

When looking to purchase a new digital camera there is always the debate between size and quality within the range of your budget. No matter what the budget, the choice will have to be made between a smaller size, more portable camera and a higher resolution camera with more features.

Computer Viruses – the basics

This article is intended for the new or casual computer user who wants to know about man made viruses (aren’t they all?) that may plague system files, internet files, hard drives and e-mails and what to do about it.

Discount Toner Cartridges: Low Prices High Quality

Cheap Toner doesn’t mean cheap quality. You can cut your printer budget in half without sacrificing quality or quantity of print.

Data And Information : E-mail Archiving

The current state of e-mail

Today e-mail is such an integral part of our day to day lives. So much so, that the thought of being without it is inconceivable. This is realised nowhere more so than in the corporate environment. Despite the high development and vast spread of e-mail over previous years, it is still not without its problems. Viruses and SPAM being the main concerns, but a slightly more unlikely issue is that of storage space. Users have turned their mailboxes into electronic filing cabinets whereby everything is stored away into neat folder structures. Why do they do this? The obvious answer being “because it is easy”. Policing from IT Administrators is an obvious solution to the issue, but with the ever increasing integration between office systems, can we simply set black and white guidelines for how and where the e-mails are stored and for how long?

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