7 Magic command in Fortinet Firewall

Now a days Industry is adopting security devices on priority and Fortinet is becoming global leader, also lot of IT engineer start learning Fortinet firewall to boost their carrier, so here we have some command which can help them to short out any problem related to Fortinet.

Question 1. How to check system status in Fortinet firewall?

Answer: Use ” Get System Status” command It will provide you the full system report Like: version, Update, License status etc.

Command: get system Status


Question 2.  How to check the full configuration of Fortinet firewall?

Answer: Use ” Show” Command to check the full configuration of the firewall.
Command: Show


Question 3. How to ping any interface or device from Fortinet firewall?

Answer:¬† Use “execute ping <Host IP or Domain name> ” command will help you to ping any host or port.
Command: execute ping


Question 4.  How to get concurrent session list in Fortinet?

Answer:¬† Use ” get system session list” command, This command will provide you, concurrent session in Fortinet.

Command: get system session list


Question 5: How to get DHCP list in Fortinet?

Answer: Use ” Execute DHCP Lease list” command, this command help you to provide DHCP lease list in Fortinet.

Command:  execute dhcp lease list

Question 6: How to clear DHCP Lease in Fortinet?

Answer: use ” Execute DHCP Lease clear all” this command help to clear all DHCP lease list.

Command: execute dhcp lease list all


Question 7: What is best command diagnose any issue in Fortinet?

Answer: “Diagnose sniffer packet”¬† command help you short out any issue in Fortinet.

Command: diagnose sniffer packet <interface> <filter> <verbose> <count> <Timestamp format>
Use: diagnose sniffer packet port1 ‘tcp port 443’ 3


Question 8: How to get backup of Fortinet firewall through command?

Answer: “execute backup config tftp <Click tab button > <tftp server ip>”¬† this command will help you backup of your Fortinet firewall through CLI.

Command: execute backup config tftp <Click tab button > <tftp server ip>
Use: execute backup config tftp back120422,cfg


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