At&T Wireless - What Have They To Offer

At&T Wireless – What Have They To Offer

In the confusing world of cell phone carriers, finding the right carrier and the right plan to fill your needs can be a daunting task. One carrier that stands out, and has nationwide name recognition is AT&T Wireless. A major problem for cell phone users is poor coverage outside of major urban areas like Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans or Washington D.C. However AT&T uses a new Technology Time Division Access (TDMA is also used by Cingular). Analog roaming services are available almost everywhere in the U.S.
Calling plans with AT&T start as low as $39.95 s month. This plan allows 450 daytime minutes and unlimited night and weekend minutes. What AT&T customers really seem to enjoy are such features as the AT&T Connect or Teleconcierge. Operators quickly find numbers for anyplace, anywhere in the U.S., make reservations for you, get local movie times, and call back to confirm your dinner reservations. Other unique services include stock quotes, event listings, weather reports, and daily horoscopes.
One increasingly popular type of cell phone plan is pre-paid calling plans. AT&T offers the Go Phone with pre-paid plans, free unlimited night and weekend minutes, no contracts to sign, no credit check or activation fee, or deposit. They also offer Free 2 Go Wireless Solutions, also pre-paid with no contracts or credit checks. However the Go Phone plan gives you the unlimited free off prime minutes, lower per minute prices, wider choice of AT&T cell phones, and more choices of AT&T ring tones, and choices in payment options. For instance you can even set up a plan to have your credit or debit card to automatically add to your account when the minutes get low. The AT&T Go Phone plan also offers lower international dialing rates to its Go Phone customers.
Recently AT&T began to offer a new type of digital phone service known as GSM/GPRS, which provides a true 56 kilobyte per second internet connection speed for lap top computers hooked up to the GSM phone line or that use a GSM plug in cord. Remember though that the rates for this service is high with 400 voice minutes and one megabyte of data transmission can add $50.00 to your regular monthly bill. AT&T’s numerous plans, versatile payment options and TDMA and GSM technology have helped placed AT&T near the top of successful cellular phone carriers.

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