Cheap web hosting with good uptime and support

Cheap web hosting with good uptime and support

I having not one, but two web hosting plan that is priced below $50 dollars per year. Ya, that is $3-$4 dollars per month hosting plan. With php, MySQL, host multiple websites, emails, ftp, croons job and many other features that makes these the complete hosting package. And with good customer support, and live chat support as well. Couldn’t belief they are selling it at this incredible low price.

I am talking about host nine shared hosting and hosting shared hosting. Host nine shared hosting start with $3.95 and the basic plan will allow multiple domain hosting. Get host nine coupon from and will get your 50% saving from your first bill. I paid around $40 dollars for the one year plan. For this august, its giving me 100% uptime and no downtime. I tracked using monitoring services.

For the hosting hosting base-host and tera-host, you can get the coupon from and apply it to get $50 dollars discount from your bill. I paid only $45 dollars for the hosting. This hosting is giving me very good uptime as well.

Next time you look for cheap web hosting with quality in it, you will know where to start looking. And I glad I found them as well.

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