Green Fern Plant Sapling

Add a perfect air purifying, elegant addition to your indoors, approved by NASA. 

Monstera Deliciosa Plant

The Monstera Deliciosa Plant is a kind of flowering vines. This vine is perfect for evergreen and colorful beauty in your balcony.

Crassula Ovata Plant Sapling

Crassula Ovata succulent plants are great for semi-shade and shaded areas and need no or very low maintenance. This plant will come in a 1-inch net pot

Laxmi Kamal Haworthia Succulent Plant

Laxmi Kamal Haworthia Succulent plants have rosette fleshy leaves and maintain a symmetric design. 

Madhumalti Rangoon Plant Sapling

The Madhumalti Plant Sapling is a kind of flowering vines. 

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